Makrolep PKA

Makrolep PKA adhesive is a polyvinyl acetate aqueous dispersion obtained by emulsion polymerization.


  Units Value
Brookfield viscosity mPa∙s 5000 - 10000
Dry mass % 30 - 35
pH   3 - 6



Makrolep PKA adhesive is recommended for laminating board and corrugated cardboard production. It is characterized by very good adhesion. Leaves a transparent, flexible and durable joint. The thickness of the adhesive layer should be adapted to the type of material being glued.

The product does not contain organic solvents, it can be diluted with water.

Makrolep PKA can be applied by hand or machine.

Machinery and equipments should be cleaned after use with warm or cold water.



Store at 5-35oC

The warranty period of 6 months from the date on the label.


Additional information:

After prior arrangement with the customer, we can adjust the properties of the adhesive to specific requirements.